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Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd. is more than a company – it is a philosophy. Its vision is to make the world a better place to live in, through a responsible and sustainable economy. Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd. task or mission is to support enterprises in their quest to adapt their existing business models to the needs of a more responsible and sustainable economy, and to implement it successfully.

The prevalent maxim – short-term profit maximisation at any price – is to be transformed into a new business model. A business model which should serve people and their development. This ethical added value is also reflected positively in financial profit.

More than ever this vision should be set in stone as a key success factor of the corporate strategy, geared to moving closer to a society that integrates long-term economic success with social responsibility and equality. This is particularly relevant to the production and marketing of goods and services. By sustainability and corporate responsibility Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd. is referring to a company’s responsibility towards all of its business partners, as well as towards the public (Stakeholders). This also includes the company’s contribution to the economic, civil and ecological development of society in a broader sense, to benefit future generations.

Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd. will inspire, advise and support companies that share this vision. «Friends» are all the people who believe in this vision and implement it in their daily undertakings. «Friends» are all the companies, consumers, shareholders, producers, suppliers and media that believe in the power of economic activity to improve life on our planet.